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Dominic Warren was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade followed by Holy Name for his freshman year. Due to economic hardship following the 9/11 terror attacks, Dom's parents would move the family to south Florida where Dom would finish his last three years of high school in public schools. Shortly after graduating high school Dom would go on to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in 2007.

He served in Afghanistan as a Marine Corps intelligence analyst, participating in counter insurgency operations in a combat capacity. He ended active service with the Marines in 2012 with the rank of Sergeant. Following his five years in the Marines, Dom and his wife would go on to struggle with the transition from military to civilian life and survive a short stint with homelessness. It was during this time that Dom realized his life lacked that sense of purpose that was abundant in his time with the Marines.

Eager to continue serving our country, Dom is running for Congress in 2018 with a promise to bring new, bipartisan leadership to Washington. Dom has made it a priority to find areas for common ground and bipartisan support as partisan politics creates gridlock in the nation’s capital.

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Dom has focused on promoting economic growth for Massachusetts families, ensuring that we make informed decisions about our national security, and improving veterans’ health care through the VA, where he continues to receive his own care today. 

Dom currently lives in Worcester with his wife of 6 years, Emery and two children, Xavier and Jessamae. The family is expecting their third child in August 2017.